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I am Bunnywoman; hear me make no aggressive sound.

I'm hard to embarrass, easy to tempt and find silly things amusing. I like to entertain, usually at the expense of my own coolness.
My blog consists of mainly of art, photography, nudity and occasionally me.

Minor Project

Anon, sir. Pray stay a little, My Lord

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: Apparently liking male celebrities or complimenting men makes me bisexual.


It’s funny how I can’t like any male celebrities, think they’re good looking, put photos of them onto my Facebook or Tumblr and just generally be a fan of them without people asking me, “So, are you lyke bisexual or something?” I can’t compliment any men without people stopping to ask, “So, lyke…


Artist Leslie Ann O’Dell creates stunning photographs paired with hand painted embellishments. The otherworldly subjects are shrouded in layers of natural elements, adding a grounded tone to the ghostly figures.

(via erupt-in-colours)